Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of Jnanadeepa

Jnanadeepa's vision is based on Christian values and embrace all other religions, traditions and cultures. In its attempt to promote a humane, democratic and inclusive society. By our research and writings, we hope to contribute to the growth and application of theological and philosophical knowledge, by delivering the latest information that enhances understanding and enables human society to live in truth and wisdom. We hope to to play significant role in bringing about dialogue between East and West, between Christianity and Hinduism (Islam).

Thus we wish to provide an academic medium and intellectual milieu for the advancement and dissemination of information, experience, knowledge and understanding, supported by high-level learning, teaching and research in all the fields of human/social sciences, philosophy and theology. We believe that our global society is guided by the values and vision provided by various wisdom traditions.

Keeping this in mind, we have chosen the motto, "Enlighten, enable and empower." Jnanadeepa believes that by proper dissemination of knowledge (enlighten), we can individually and collectively enable and empower ourselves.