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The next issue of the journal will be Vol 25/4 and will come out in October 2021. The theme is "Scientific and Religious Responses to the Pandemic." Some of the suggested and tentative topics are:

Scientific and Religious Responses to the Pandemic

  • Corona: Salient lessons for our common future

  • Coronavirus: Scientific challenges

  • Covid-19 Pandemic: Religious Responses

  • Sources of Wisdom in Pain and Suffering

  • Pandemic and Pestilence: Punishment from God?

  • Virtual and virutalised self (in the digital world): digital flight to face lock-down

  • Social Distancing and Untouchability

  • Corona Moment: Reconceptualizing Time

  • Rediscovering the Phenomenology of Touch

  • The Weakening of Human Will: Loss of Freedom and Choice

  • The Challenge to embrace Facticity and reject fatalism (karma)

  • Ethics of Care: seeking a Christian response to the pandemic

  • Reaching out with compassion: Accepting health and death

  • The Gift and the Curse: pushing Innovation during the Pandemic

  • Crony Capitalism and its effect called the Pandemic

  • A Philosophical Critique on the exploitation of/by Health Care

  • The Imperative of Ecosophy and its echo in the pandemic

  • “To philosophize is to learn to die:” Philosophizing death in the living context of covid-19

  • Responding to Fear and Anxiety Philosophically and theologically

  • The Return of Existential Absurdity and the prospect of being simultaneously a vector or victim of the lethal virus

  • Ideology of safety (and security) masking freedom and democracy

  • Exploring the Evil within: Exploiting the Corona virus for Personal profit

  • The attitude of gradually taking things for granted: The ill-effects of learning to live with coronavirus

  • Persons becoming data: The Emergence of Attention Economy due to Lockdown

  • The class-divide in Education aggravated by Corona virus

  • De-tangibilization of the realm of the Divine: Critical reflections on symbols and rituals

  • The sustaining power of myth (both positive and negative): pondering on the revelatory Hermeneutics of the Myth

  • Tracing varieties of hope amidst the pandemic

  • Deontological approach or nishkamakarma: The morality and the death of health workers

  • Any other topic, with the approval of the Editorial Board

If you show interest in contributing to this volume, please contact the editor (journal [at]] as early as possible, with the choice of theme and your brief bionote (150 words). More details will be sent to you later.

Please submit your article here.