Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives of Jnanadeepa

As a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal which has encouraged and fostered cutting-edge scholarship on collaboration between East and West, Christianity and Hinduism (or Islam) , the journal include research articles, review articles, book reviews, etc., to foster creative scholarship with academic rigour . Thus Jnanadeepa aims to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary and scholarly academic research in areas related to philosophy, theology, humanities, social science and physical sciences.

  • Attempts to evolve a world-view that is responsive to contemporary science as well as liberal and democratic world-view.

  • Undertake projects that are inclusive and open to people of all cultures, traditions and context, while remaining true to its Christian commitment.

  • Encourages critical religiosity and depth spirituality that is inclusive (open to other traditions) and respectful of differing opinions and views.

The Scope

The scope of the journal is limited, not exclusively to the following areas:

  • Philosophy

  • Theology

  • Religious Studies

  • Christian Studies

  • Hinduism

  • Inter-religious Dialogue

  • Science-Religion Dialogue

  • Humanities

  • Social Sciences

The journal is multidisciplinary in its approach. So academic articles which are inter- or multi-disciplinary with religious/philosophical/social/contextual significance will be accepted. Normally there is a theme for each issue. A couple of relevant articles outside of the theme will also be considered for publication.